What are Secondary Colors

 It’s time to go through a color theory lesson. The topic on today’s agenda is what a secondary color is. We’re going to need to explain some other factors before we stop on to the lesson such as talk about the color wheel. If you’re ready feel free to read more, but if this is going to be too much or confusing feel free to stop in the middle or the beginning it doesn’t matter where.

 In 1666 Sir Isaac Newton decided to design a circular drawing of colors. This is what we call the color wheel. It’s a handy little drawing that artists use to decide what colors will work well together so that they can paint or draw whatever it is they have on their mind. I use one all the time when I’m thinking about making a webpage or even just coloring a picture with various shapes so my artwork doesn’t look all crazy and it hurts people’s eyes.

With the color wheel there are three colors that we call the primary colors, meaning these cannot be made by mixing other colors together. These are the basic building blocks per se to making colors. When we mix these colors together such as red and blue you’d get purple, or blue and yellow to get green. The colors that we just made such as the purple and the green are secondary colors. Of course there are many other secondary colors such as orange.

 If you thought that was complex there are many other things we can do with colors. This won’t be covered too much in a lesson about secondary colors, the colors we just learned about, but of course we can make mention of these colors and things we can do.  Between the primary and the secondary colors on the wheel are tertiary colors. There is also a thing called color harmony which is a set of colors that go well together. Possibly in another lesson we’d really dive into the color harmonies.

 But as you can see on our little ride of learning about secondary colors there are a lot of things to be learned. It’s a ton of fun to mix two colors together such as red and blue to get purple or yellow and blue for green. These are the colors that make art and the world tons of fun. Once you know the color wheel and what you can do with colors the world and the possibilities are endless.