What are the most Valuable Star Wars Action Figures

The most valuable Star Wars action figures, or dolls as some insist on calling them, have in some cases risen to prices that make people wince. Why do they wince you ask? They wince because they once owned them. They took them out of the package, and used and abused them. Some broke do to excessive wear, some lost their tiny little guns, lightsabres, and robes. Some met a fateful end at the business end of a firecracker simulating movie like explosions the only way kids knew how.

For the sake of clarity we are discussing action figures only here, the larger dolls, plush toys, and anything else are completely disregarded. Unless otherwise stated the prices cited are known sale prices not estimates, and assume the figure is in its original package. When possible prices will be provided for figures out of the package along with a corresponding condition grade. Also worth note is that action figures from the original Star Wars movie all the way up to the current animated television series the Clone Wars are included here as they are all a part of the Star Wars franchise. With that said, on with the countdown!

At number is Freeze Frame Weequay from The Power of the Force 2. Weequay was a little known character that served as a skiff guard for Jabba the Hutt and isn’t one of the most attractive creatures to come out of the Star Wars franchise, but he is one of the most valuable. Regarding this individual figure which rakes in a cool $400, there are conditions to having the correct variation to fetch this price. First it must be the version sold on a U.S. card, not the trilingual version, and it must be factory sealed. Loose Weequay figures are virtually worthless. The next condition is it must be the original package version that comes with the “Freeze Frame” slide encased on the bottom left side of the card. If you have a Weequay meeting all of those conditions, you have money!

The ninth most valuable is the Hasbro Press Kit Anakin-to-Dart Vader figures. It is not the traditional action figure as it rotates on a base to show the two faces of Vader, but it is kinda cool. The catch to this $400 plus figure is that it was a limited release in 2005 to Hasbro media guests only at their Toy fair showroom. If you weren’t given one gratis at this event you have to track one down, and as hard as the correct Weequay is to find this is even tougher. It has to be sealed and come with the full press kit to get full price. The good thing is almost everyone that got their hands on these kept them sealed and mint, the bad news is few are selling them.

The eighth most valuable figure is the 1978 Kenner Blue Snaggletooth. Snaggletooth was available through a Sears mail away offer and as a part of the cantina set. The thing with this figure is that in the movie Snaggletooth was not blue, but red. he was also barefoot and not shod. When the error was discovered and the existing stock was depleted they made the changes rather than have a recall. Blue Snaggletooth is actually very common but is always in demand meaning a loose one goes for around $100 with a sealed example grabbing a sweet $425 or more.

The Luke Skywalker as a Stormtrooper figure from The Power of the Force (1985), which is estimated around $4,000. With this, like Vlix, the problem is finding one sealed to fetch this price. The issue ran a little short on this series because there was no new movie to push the toy line and sales for action figures and toys from other movies were gaining ground. As such the line was left to die off. He’s not terribly tough to find loose, but sealed he is quite the catch and a solid number seven on the list.

The sixth most expensive Star Wars action figure is the adorable vinyl caped Jawa released in 1978. Most people had the second version of the Jawa which came with a cloth cape, the vinyl cape version was a very short lived first version. A loose version with the vinyl cape in above average condition with his weapon can pull down around $1,250. In the package with the package being in okay condition you can jump the value to $2,500. If the package is near mint make it a cool $3,000.

At number five is another figure from the Power of the Force line, Yak Face. Yak Face has the proper name of Saelt-Marae and appeared for a few seconds in Return of the Jedi. Yak face holds value because Kenner shipped them all to Canada and Europe and these were the days before eBay. Most Americans didn’t even know this figure existed back then. Yak Face out of the package with his staff is worth about $159 which isn’t bad. In his package however with the coin sealed in the top left of the card he regularly pulls down around $2,250 but has been known to break the $4,000 barrier for a pristine package. This is not the norm by any stretch of the imagination, but it has happened on eBay.

Vlix weighs in at number four. Vlix was in the Droids cartoon so he isn’t a widely known character. According to most serious collectors this is the rarest of all mainstream issue action figures in the Star Wars family. What makes Vlix so tough to find is he was never released in the U.S. The Droids cartoon was canceled, but Kenner already made the mold and had a ton of money poured into him. Rather than take the full loss they sold the mold to a Brazilian company named Glasslite who then produced and released him in Brazil only. A loose Vlix in excellent condition out of the package runs about $4,000. A sealed Vlix can pay for college. Seriously, there is no estimate as to what it could grab at auction because they just are not around.

Places one through three are too close to really separate. The figures are the 1978 Kenner Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader. You have likely figured out why already, it is all about the lightsaber. The movie was a surprise hit to Kenner so they had almost nothing ready to distribute for Christmas. As a result the lightsaber on the initial relaes of these three figures was different than later release, more elaborate in that they not only slid out of the arm, but the lightsaber itself then telescoped again for more length. The original lightsabers had two problems which killed them; they broke easily and there was a cheaper alternative. Luke is the most common and brings in $600 loose in excellent condition, Obi-Wan and Vader can go $900-$1,000. Sealed however they can go around $7,000 plus if they are ever offered which is a a rarity itself. At this point for example there are only 15 known sealed Luke figures known to exists and maybe that same number for Vader and Obi-Wan.

While many feel Vlix should be number one on the list the problem with giving it that spot is nobody knows if there even is a sealed Vlix. If there was one it would certainly be number one, but as it stands it takes a lower place in the pack. Buyers should also beware of fake vinyl cape Jawa figures which are peddled on eBay with greater regularity than you would think. If you are pursuing a certified original it is worth the money to purchase in person when possible. Know that you know what to look for it’s time to start looking through those old toys to see if you have a car payment or more sitting in the garage.