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What you need to Play Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a little bit different than many games that you might play. Many games are self-contained; that is, all of the necessary pieces come all together in a single box, and are used only during the time that you play the game. Dungeons and Dragons, as well as most other role-playing games, work a little bit differently in that there are different components to the game that you need to have, and that they are typically not sold together as a set. Basically, you will need certain books, a variety of dice, and pencil and paper to play Dungeons and Dragons.

* Players’ Handbook. To play Dungeons and Dragons, the first thing that you need is a Players’ Handbook. The Players’ Handbook contains the basic rule for playing Dungeons and Dragons. The Players’ Handbook contains information about all of the options available for players in terms of the different characters they wish to play, as well as the description of rules about how to play those characters. While it is most convenient for each person who is playing Dungeons and Dragons to have their own Players’ Handbook, it is not necessary that this be the case.

*Dungeon Master’s Guide. The next book that you need to have to play Dungeons and Dragons is a Dungeon Master’s Guide. The Dungeon Master’s Guide contains much of the information that a Dungeon Master needs to be able to create a Dungeons and Dragons Adventure, including information about building dungeons, playing Non-Player Characters (NPCs), and information about treasure. Only the Dungeon Master needs to have access to the Dungeon Master’s Guide. In the older editions of Dungeons and Dragons, you were discouraged from reading the Dungeon Master’s Guide unless you were going to be the Dungeon Master, but that is no longer the case. Any player could benefit from owning the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

* Monster Manual. Finally, the last book that you need to have to play Dungeons and Dragons is the Monster Manual. The Monster Manual contains all of the game information related to the imaginary, fantasy creatures that the characters might encounter when playing Dungeons and Dragons. Here again, there was a time when players were told not to read the Monster Manual, and it was reserved for the Dungeon Master’s eyes. This, again, is no longer the case, and many players find it useful to have the Monster Manual.

* Dice. The dice used to play Dungeons and Dragons are not the typical six-sided dice that you might see in another board game. There are actually six different dice that you need to have to play Dungeons and Dragons, each with a different number of sides. The dice are referred to as “d(x)”, where x is the number of sides. For example, a traditional six-sided die would be referred to as a d6. To play dungeons and dragons, you need a d4, several d6, a d8, at least two d10, a d12, and a d20. These dice are readily available at most hobby and gaming stores.

* Pencil and Paper. Playing Dungeons and Dragons requires the players to keep track of a variety of statistics related to their character. At a minimum, you will need a writing utensil (preferably a pencil, as there is typically some erasing you will need to do) and something to write on.

* Extras and Optional Items. More books. There are a variety of books published both by Wizards of the Coast (the company that makes Dungeons and Dragons) and other companies that you can use to play Dungeons and Dragons. None of them are required to play the game, however. You can also use maps, miniatures, and all sorts of optional items. Most people use a variety of these sorts of items in the Dungeons and Dragons games.

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