Why Mega Man Soccer was not Successful

Mega Man Soccer was a game that was simply designed to try to branch the Mega Man off in another area. This isn’t something new because Mario had done this and right now has many different Mario sports games over the years. There wasn’t really a plot and more about a game of simply playing soccer and that is what could be said about it in that respect. When trying it, it just didn’t seem to take off as well as anticipated so that there would be more Mega Man Soccer games with different robot masters.

Maybe it had something to do with in North America, in particular the United States, that soccer is just not that popular. It doesn’t mean that it is a bad sport, it’s more of a personal preference in that sense and that is just the way it is. Sometimes when a sport game is created and a popular icon, it can work out. With Mega Man, it just didn’t feel right in that sense and probably wasn’t the right choice when it comes to picking out a sport for a famous character.

Come to think of it, it could be more of going to the case of not really being a major fit in regards to Mega Man playing soccer. The plot, if you can call it that would be involving Dr. Wily taking over soccer. If logic gets put into this, why would Dr. Wily want to take over the soccer world? It does sound a bit strange if that can be considered a plot but again it is just merely an opinion on it.

The game play really didn’t have a lot of excitement so much that is known with the Mega Man franchise over the years and that is something that has to be considered. Maybe it had to do with later impact being Mega Man Battle and Chase not coming to North America until much later being apart of the Mega Man X Collection. Of course, that may not be it but who knows but it would seem that spin-off games would not really work for Mega Man.

All in all, it was a game that did have some serious potential in regards to actually being really well-done but it is just something that may be considered an idea that just seemed poorly executed. It could be one of those things and perhaps the world wasn’t ready for a Mega Man game being played on a soccer field. Sometimes its best to stick with what works instead of what doesn’t but what can you do. Sometimes you have to learn by trying something new and you can’t blame them for trying.