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Why you should consider Purchasing an American Girl Doll

As a former employee of American Girl I can say the American Girl dolls are fabulous. They are dolls you can play with and have for a lifetime. They are about 18 inches tall and are very life like. There are several different dolls, each one has a different name and story of where they came from. With each doll there is a hard cover book or soft cover book that tells a story about the little girl she represents. Each doll has many accessories to choose from like a bed for them to sleep in or a suitcase to put their clothes in. Each doll has a large selection of outfits to choose from too.

Another type of American Girl doll is the one where you choose the eye, hair and skin color. They too, have their own set of accessories and clothes. All the dolls are good quality and if they get roughed up, you can admit them to the American Girl hospital. After being admitted by mail they will fix the broken arm or leg and she will be returned to you for a small fee.

I would suggest getting a catalog from American Girl and you can read all about them. The catalog shows pictures of the doll and her different accessories. There is also a web site americangirl.com. To see in person, you can visit a showroom in Wilmot, WI. or go to the American Girl store in downtown Chicago or one of the other major US cities. Now this is a really nice store that sells clothes for your girls as well as your dolls. The American Girl store holds tea parties and other events as well.

If I was a little girl I would want an American Girl doll and all the stuff that goes with it. Just to name a few there is Molly with round glasses, Samantha (retired) who is a little rich girl from England  and Felicity (retired) a girl from The Great Depression Era. Each doll has something special about them and a certain accessory that completes the story of their life. These dolls are priced over $100 but are worth every penny. The outfits and accessories range from under $10.00 to over $100.00. They do have specials every month so you need to check the web site or call American Girl to see what is on sale that month.

The American Girl doll is something you and your child can share together. If your child is too young for a doll like this than try a baby doll with accessories and clothes. American Girl has thought of everything from educational books to the American Girl magazine which is ideal for girls in their early teens. Just visit the web site or call American Girl to get a catalog. I’m sure you will be very happy.

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