Xbox History and Updates

The Xbox 360 has originated from the Xbox.  The Xbox first went on sale in shops on the 15th of November, 2001 and then got discontinued on the year of 2008. The last Xbox game was released in august 2008 the game was NFL madden 09. Then everyone who had warranties they ran out in 2009. Xbox live support was disconnected in the year of 2010 on April. 24 million units had been sold according to reports from March 2006. The Xbox is the sixth generation of console from Microsoft.  The bestselling game was halo 2 it sold 8 million copies.

The Xbox 360 is the successor. It follows on from where the Xbox left off.  This is part of the seventh generation of consoles with the Wii and others. 57.6 million Have been sold worldwide since September 2011.  This console was first revealed on M.T.V in 2005. The bestselling game is halo 3 this has sold over 24 million copies. The Xbox 360 has been competing with the Microsoft PlayStation 3. They have both gone down a similar root on how they have evolved there consoles.

The Xbox 360 has developed the Xbox connect and they have produced a number of games for it to get physically active.  The project for the Kinect had a code name it was project natal. This is a motion sensing input technology. The product uses infa red and a webcam to observe and to see what the player is doing so it can be more effective. You use body movements and voice commands to play games and also get around the menus.  They developed the Kinect to make the player or players more involved with what they are playing.  10 million units have been sold since 9th march 2011. The release date was the 10th of November 2010.

The Kinect has to compete in the market with the big contenders like PlayStation 3 and the Wii. Microsoft is hoping to develop a hand held for the Kinect. The Xbox Kinect holds the Guinness world record for the quickest selling product. Microsoft is currently in development to building a successor to the Xbox 360. There are apparent job vacancies at the moment which means the development is not on track to meet its target of being ready for sale by 2013. The Xbox and the Xbox 360 were all built in 24 months. The new development is called the 720. There will be a follow up article when more information on the 720 is realesed.