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Xbox Project Natal

Imagine if an Xbox 360 had the ability to recognize you. Imagine not needing a controller to play games. Imagine talking to characters in the game and even getting responses from them. With Project Natal, all these futuristic ideas are no longer just figments of game designers’ imaginations.

– About Natal –

Natal, pronounced as ‘nuh-tall’, is Latin for ‘to be born’. The name projects the revolutionary nature of the console which will completely change the way games have been played. Game designers have tried to overcome every barrier that comes in the way of gaming and entertainment and have succeeded in incorporating both without taking the feel of the game away. This controller free system provides entertainment convenience within the confines of a living room and an interactive social learning experience. Project Natal is a fantastic opportunity for people who haven’t grown up gaming to start now. Gamers are used to buttons on their controllers and have no problem in operating them. However, some one new to gaming feels very uncomfortable with so many buttons on a controller. With Natal, the gamer will be able to operate games easily, being a controller himself.

– Features –

The Project Natal Sensor, using an RGB camera, depth sensor, multi-array microphone and custom processor, will bring about the gaming revolution. With this top of the line equipment, full body movement in 3-D and voice recognition will be made possible. A person can switch windows with the flick of a hand, log into Xbox Live by just standing in front of the console and give commands while talking normally! Project Natal does not only allow the normal speech recognition which enables it to differentiate between different users, it can also detect change in emotion by the way the user speaks and portrays that mood on the screen. Headset free party chat and conversations can also be held using the multi-array microphone. Project Natal will also facilitate the easy access to Facebook and Twitter. Browsing can be done with only casual movement of the hands even, increasing convenience and comfort. Browsing and streaming movies with Xbox Live will also be a whole new experience because of this ingenious system. The installed depth sensor is combined with a monochrome CMOS sensor that also enables 3-D imaging under any sort of lighting conditions. So anytime, anywhere, anyone can use the new Xbox 360 Natal when it is soon released to the general public.

Whether it is sports, dancing, singing or even painting without actual paint, Project Natal will be the answer to all your dreams. The world of entertainment will soon remain nothing like we know it now.

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