Your Reactions to the 2007 Recall of Aqua Dots Craft Kits

I remember when I first heard of Aqua Dots. There was a commercial for them on television. At that point, you could only buy them on television if you called their eight hundred number. Their asking price as twenty-five dollars.

Aqua Dots is a child’s art toy. It is a simple idea really. You get several little colored bottles and a board to work with. The board resembled a Lite Brite screen. Still, twenty-five dollars for an art toy is a little ridiculous. I chalked it up to useless nonsense and never thought anymore about it for awhile.

My son’s birthday came in October. A few days before his birthday, he decided that he wanted Aqua Dots. Every time, the commercial came on, he would jump up and down and exclaim. “I want those.” My opinion changed a little. It didn’t matter how silly I thought the water bubbles were, My son wanted them and he was going to get them.

I stayed up late every night and I never did see that commercial again. Just as I was giving up hope, my friend spotted them in a sales paper for a local department store. (I wasn’t even aware they sold them in the store.) I rushed out to get them. Wouldn’t you know it? They were out. Instead, they offered me a rain check and I could return in a few weeks to pick them up. By then, his birthday would be over.

My son was sure he had gotten Aqua Dots for his birthday, even after he unwrapped all his presents. As long as I live, I will never forget that disappointed look that covered his face. He was still grateful for all the gifts he got, but I could tell, it wasn’t the same.

I was convinced that nothing would keep my son from these silly little dots he wanted so badly. I budgeted to be sure I could afford everything on his list. I was so tickled when I placed that box of water into my buggy. I couldn’t wait to see my son’s face.

After the presents were all tucked neatly under the tree and I thought my errands were behind me, I discovered some heart wrenching news. The Aqua Dots had been recalled. I was devastated. I couldn’t give my son something that would harm him. What was I going to do?

I was able to return the Aqua Dots and get my money back but to me, that isn’t what mattered. I wanted to see my son smile. I wanted to get him something he really wanted. I had already let him down once; I could not do that again. This was his number one want on his list.

I was honest about the recall with my son. I told him that some things just weren’t safe. I even told him about other toys that had been made in China that were also recalled. I expected him to scream, and fight. Instead, he grinned and said, “It is all right, mommy. The elves make Santa’s toys and they don’t live in China. They live in the North Pole.”

I felt three inches tall. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was so aggravated at the manufacturer for putting me into this situation. If you are going to market a product, you should. Do not tease our kids and decide not to sale the item after all. I understand that accidents happen but how many more kids have to get hurt before we realize something has got to change?

On Christmas day, my son got so many presents that his mind was temporarily off of the Aqua Dots but now he wants them for Valentine’s Day. Keeping our children safe should be our number one priority. Toys should be inspected thoroughly before they are sent to our children. I would gladly pay a few extra dollars for a product that I knew was of good quality. Something needs to be done.

How many more children’s dreams must we dash before get it right? At my house, the excitement and disappointment surrounding Aqua Dots will always linger in the air.