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If you’re looking to kill some time or take a break from that article you’re writing, you might consider looking into an online role playing game called Yoville.

The concept behind Yoville, created by Zynga, inc., is very simple; it’s basically a chat room with advanced features, but the high resolution graphics coupled with the clever nature of the game, has earned it a following of over 3 million users on Facebook alone.

How it works:

After a quick sign up, the user creates an avatar by choosing from a variety of styles and colors in the avatar menu. Each new player gets a modestly furnished starter apartment and some starter coins. The player can then venture out to the public areas and interact with other players via speech bubbles.

Places of interest:

• Widget Factory: where a player must report to work every six hours in order to receive a paycheck.

• Nightclub: where a player can listen to techno and get tipsy.

• Furniture Store: where a player can buy a wide range of furniture and electronics.

• Fashion Store: where a player can buy a variety of outfits, including a bathing suit for the beach and hot tub.

• Yodepot: where a player can buy different types of building materials, such as windows and floors..

• Casino: where a player can play the slot machine and win coins.

• Events: anything you can imagine; weddings, beauty pageants, disco nights and more!

Small scale controversies:

Since the developers introduced the ability to buy and sell directly from other players, many players have reported being scammed. This is very troubling since many players purchase coins through PayPal and end up losing real money. There are currently many questionable websites devoted to teaching Yoville players how to double their coins and clone items. Item cloning was based on a glitch in the game that allowed players to duplicate items, such as furniture, to avoid paying for such items in the store. This glitch has reportedly been fixed. Also, there were many concerns about Yoville’s lack of chat moderation because children, as young as thirteen, were signing up for the game and possibly being exposed to sexual and profane language. This prompted the developers to add a word filter and add the options to block and report players. These measures have curbed the explicit language but the issue lingers on as people find creative ways to spell and bypass the word filter.

The Yoville developers are constantly adding new features and new products to keep the game interesting. So far, they have succeeded. Overall, this game is extremely entertaining and even a little addictive. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in role playing games and games in general; there’s nothing to download and there is a lot to see and do.

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